Tenant Screening

We Choose Tenant Wisely

We have a system for screening and finding quality tenants for your properties. This includes background checks and related paperwork. Tenants renting single family homes usually want to stay there for a long period. Therefore, it is crucial that you weed out bad tenants and only select the good ones. These are the ones that will always pay on time, keep the house well-maintained, won’t damage it, and will stick around for longer. We work hand-in-glove with prospective & current tenants. Initial   screening is handled over the phone. We assess a client’s need and qualifications in relation to a prospective property. Most of                    our tenants stay through multiple terms for a reason. Exceptional service is paramount and required.

Prospective tenants are asked to provide the following:

  • Current and past rental and employment references.
  • Personal references
  • Copies of most recent 2 months bank statements (includes checking, savings, 401(k), money market, and/or other form of securities investment statements)
  • Copy of valid driver’s license
  • Proof of Income for prior 2 months
  • Tax return from previous year (if prospective tenant is an independent contractor)
  • Current credit report accompanied by applicants’ credit scores (FICO)
  • Background screening for any eviction history
  • Background criminal check
  • Renter’s Insurance – liability coverage prior to possession of property.

All documents are reviewed for completeness, consistency, and content. FICO scores, credit history, and financial soundness are also assessed (including evaluating income, prospective rent, and existing debt). Current and past rental, employment and managers/supervisors are contacted for verification.

The Lease Agreement includes an Addendum stating: (i) Tenant will abide by HOA rules and regulations (if applicable), including parking and guest guidelines, that is acknowledged and signed by the Tenant; (ii) Tenant reimbursement to property owner for any fines assessed to owner because of tenant; (iii) care and upkeep of unit/premises, keys and/or clickers; and (iv) penalties for breaking lease.