About Us

Welcome to About Us:

Hi we are Michael Haddad and Naomi Tatsuo at Nomi Property Management professionally and successfully managing single family residences last 8 years. Hiring the right property manager can change the quality of your life. You’ll have less stress, more time for yourself and your family and loved ones and most people even end up saving money. Here at the NoMi Property Management, we handle the property, the people, and the paperwork. We help you worry less and let your property work for you with our hard and efficient work. The decision to go with the right property manager is one of the best things you can do for your property, the quality life for both yourself and your tenants, and your peace of mind.

Michael haddad
Naomi Tatsuo

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower property owners in Los Angeles by managing their investments with the utmost care and attention to detail. We pledge to deliver highest possible profit for your income properties.


We bring our extensive expertise, unwavering professionalism, and industry knowledge to every property we manage.


We are committed to the success of our clients and their properties, working tirelessly to maximize their investments.


We believe in open and honest communication, providing property owners with real-time insights into the management of their assets.


We operate with the highest ethical standards, ensuring that every decision we make is in the best interest of our clients.

Exceptional Service

Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, addressing our clients’ needs promptly and efficiently.


We embrace technology and industry best practices to streamline operations, enhance property performance, and optimize the property ownership experience.

  NoMi Property Management is not just a  management company; we are your  trusted partners in maximizing the potential     of your  single-family properties. With Michael Haddad and Naomi Tatsuo Racheff at the helm, you can rest assured that        your investment is in capable and caring hands.