About Us

NOMi Property Management Maintenance Systems

Maintenance is the least glamorous and perhaps most feared part of property management. Dreaded maintenance calls can happen at any time with a problem to solve and an expense to be paid. Nobody likes maintenance calls, but we see them as an opportunity for us as a property management company to help keep a tenant happy and save a landlord from extra expense and trouble. We keep landlords informed about any unforeseen costs and get their monthly earnings to them as quickly as possible.

Maintenance can be tricky – Here at the NoMi Property Management, we have worked for years to continuously enhance how we approach maintenance; it is something we are always striving to improve upon.


The Key to Your Satisfaction

Tenants and landlords both expect timely and professional service in ‘every’ instance:

24 hour 7 days a week emergency availability

Urgent repairs within 1 to 4 hours

Standard’ repairs within 24 to 48 hours

Cost conscious results

Preventive Maintenance – Inspections & Assessments

Detailed Records

Each is considered mission-critical to our business model. This daily commitment to both landlords and tenants is how we effectively communicate and resolve repair issues, questions, and service requests while expeditiously and professionally.


Do Regular Rental Property Inspections

Property maintenance is a key responsibility for NoMi Property Management.       One common problem with single family homes for rent is that renters                tend to stay longer. This is good for occupancy rate, but it can                          lead to   some wear and tear in the rental property.

To ensure no major damages are done, we do regular inspections to make sure                 that the renters are taking good care of the property.

Stay on Top of Yard Upkeep

Keeping the yard in good condition comes along with our top providing service. We ensure keep the grass, bushes, and trees around the house trimmed and healthy. Apart from providing a nice aesthetic for renters, a well-cared-for yard poses fewer risks to the investment property and tenants. For instance, tree branches close to a house can fall during a storm and cause damage to the roof or block entrances. We drive by each of the rental properties we manage regularly to see if the yard is in good condition.



It’s a “Good Relationship” 'Maintenance System’ Connecting People

Having a peaceful, professional and friendly and fair relationship with everyone is the key of our business is the top and efficient in the city full of people from everywhere in the world in Los Angeles. We utilize a fully integrated network of systems that connects everyone involved. This helps us deliver a more consistent, cohesive level of communication and quality of service. The people involved, noted below, are connected within our network of business systems that integrate phone, email, text, maintenance, repairs, accounting, invoicing, and billing.

Tenants, Maintenance Technicians, Vendors (if applicable), Owners, Property (Portfolio) Managers are each connected within the Maintenance System using either their personal email or text – the correspondences are recorded in the system. Each time a work order or service request is opened, scheduled, and completed, the owner is emailed or texted. Owners may “Opt-In or Out”, and/or receive end of month statement instead of emails if they prefer.